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"Eat like there's no tomorrow."  That's the motto I like to live by.  Everyone always tells me to watch my weight and not indulge in food too much, but what if there's a famine tomorrow?  There's really just no reason not to eat all I can.  My daddy made this website and he put my pictures here!  As you can see, the pictures with me and food in them are usually of me looking at the food or of me asking for food, not of me actually eating the food.  I'll be surprised if there's even one picture of me eating in it.  But then again, I do tend to eat pretty fast...  My favorite foods are any meat cooked with soy sauce.  I love it when daddy cooks duckling with soy sauce.  He always lets me eat some of the leg ligaments.  I also like to eat pig ears and the canned food that my birthday cakes are made of.  My favorite holidays are my birthday and Christmas.  Those are the times of year that I get presents and they are definitely the most festive.  My least favorite holiday is probably Independence Day.  The fireworks are loud and scary; they sound like thunderbolts.  One year, my family thought it would be fun to take me to the fireworks at the Neenah riverside.  I got so scared when the fireworks began that I ran straight for the car.  Ever since, my family has decided to keep me at home on Independence Day.  So now you know a little more about me and I hope you have fun looking at the pictures.

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Lucky Qin
3-2-1997 ~ 11-15-2009



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