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  Jian QinPh.D

Research Technical Leader of Kimberly-Clark Corporation




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RESULTS-PROVEN research expert


— Currently Specializing in Innovation of Novel Polymers & Product Applications —

  •  Internationally experienced polymer expert with a 25 plus year record of success in researching and innovating novel polymer chemistries, unique polymer physical structures, effective processing technologies, and new product applications in the US and overseas.

  •  Extensive industrial and consumer product expertise in absorbent technology, disposable absorbent consumer products, surface science and modification, high efficiency environmentally sustainable polymers, and polymer processing technologies (fiber, nonwoven, composite, thermoplastic extrusion and surface modifications).

  •  Research experience with Fortune 500 companies through open innovation.  Known for innovative problem solving, complex troubleshooting and skillful relationship-building with multi-company scientists and teams.

Key Skills & Knowledge Areas

Absorbent Materials & Technologies

Synthetic Fibers & Spinning Technologies

Polymer Blends & Entanglements


Polymer Chemistry & Syntheses

Surface Modifications

Nonwovens & Composites

Biodegradable Polymers

Rubber Toughened Plastics

Disposable Absorbent Products


Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Neenah, Wisconsin

Fortune 200 consumer product company

Research Technical Leader, 1/2002 to Present

Associate Research Fellow, 9/1998 to 12/2001

Senior Research Scientist, 3/1994 to 8/1998

Research Scientist, 9/1990 to 2/1994

A lead researcher in over 20 years for Kimberly-Clark R&D in absorbent materials, novel polymer chemistries, unique polymer structures, surface modification of tissue and other base sheets, consumer disposable products, product and process development, and intellectual property protection.

Key Results:

  • Created numerous new superabsorbent chemistries, unique physical structures, and material forms.  Some of these novel materials have been commercially used in consumer disposable hygiene products, resulting in improved product performance and/or cost saving benefits to the company.

  • Led several joint development agreement (JDA) research projects with outside companies and developed new technologies and technical solutions to benefit both Kimberly-Clark and other companies.  Provided technical leadership and relationship-building skills for these joint venture activities.  The outside companies worked with in the past five years included:

o         Dow Chemical Company

o         BASF

o         Evonik Industries

o         Weyerhaeuser Company

  • Filed patent applications to protect intellectual properties developed and obtained more than 30 US patents and numerous patents all over the world with more than 30 pending US patent applications. 

  • Received Kimberly-Clark Corporation Technical Excellence Award (1997) for significant research contribution and leadership.

  • Worked with all levels of management and client teams to drive consensus, collaboration, and forward momentum toward the completion of project milestones and the attainment of client goals.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

One of Top 5 Universities in US

Postdoctoral Associate, 2/1989 to 9/1990

  • Created a new process of blending liquid rubber into glassy polystyrene to enhance its toughness with a significantly reduced required rubber component, increased mass efficiency, and improved performance.

  • Received two US patents for this new technology and the novel rubber toughened glassy plastics developed.


Dong Hua University (formerly China Textile University and East China Institute of Textile Science & Technology), Shanghai, China

One of Top 5 Universities in Shanghai, China

Assistant Professor, 9/1987 to 2/1989

  • Won and led a major research project on macromolecular entanglements, fully funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a national honor awarded only to top young scientists.

  • Received Shanghai Municipal Government Research and Development Award for work and results from the project and published more than 10 research papers related to the work.

  • Taught graduate-level courses including Polymer Chemistry & Modification, Specialty Polymers, and Thermo-Analysis Testing and Equipment.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Postdoctoral associate in mechanical & chemical engineering, 1990


Dong Hua University, Shanghai, China

pH.d in polymer science & engineering, 1987

  • Ph. D Thesis: “Studies on Polymer Entanglements, Disentanglement Mechanism, and Swelling DSC Characterization.”  -- A major discovery in polymer science research field.


Dong Hua University, Shanghai, China

Master of Science in polymer fiber science & engineering, 1984

  • M.S. Thesis: “Studies on Wet Spinning Mechanism of Polyacrylonitrile Blend Fibers and Relationship between their Microporous Structure and Water Retention Properties.”


Suzhou University (formerly Suzhou Institute of Silk Science and Technology), Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Bachelor of science in polymer fiber engineering, 1981

  • Honors: Dean’s List (multiple semesters); B.S. Thesis:”A Design of An Annual 5,000 Tons Nylon Filament Plant.”



Technical Excellence Award, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, April 13, 1997.

Science Foundation Research Grant, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1987.

Research and Development Award, Shanghai Municipal Government, 1987.